Optimal rumen function

NUTRI-FERM PRIME improves the utilization of fiber through enhanced rumen fermentation of the forage component. It stabilizes and optimizes rumen function and stimulates fiber degrading microorganisms in the rumen. It is very effective in counteracting the negative effect of heat stress on rumen function and fiber degrading micro-organisms, reducing the losses in intake and milk yield encountered during periods of heat stress. NUTRI-FERM PRIME has been developed to maximize fiber digestion and improve feed utilization and conversion into milk. NUTRI-FERM PRIME has a significant positive effect on nutrient digestion, milk yield and feed utilization in dairy cows, especially during periods of heat stress.


  • Improved fiber fermentation, digestion and nutrient utilization
  • Improved and optimized rumen function and stability especially during heat stress
  • Increased milk yield and feed conversion
  • Minimized negative effect of heat stress on rumen function, intake and milk yield