Last week (22nd &23rd  November 2017) Trinity Nutrition, a Cavan based company since 2008, held two pig conferences, at Glenavon House Hotel in Cookstown and at Cavan Crystal Hotel in Cavan. Local farmers and people from feed industry attended the events to listen to a line-up of speakers, experts on their area of interest, who covered a major range of aspects in pig production.

First speaker of the events was Frank Tobin, a vet and pig farmer himself in Holmefield Farm Services with many years of experience gave an overview of the current situation and the future challenges in pig industry focusing on the major concern in the reduction of antibiotics and the replacement of zinc oxide.

Tarik Falkenburg, Pig Rearing Specialist of Liprovit, talked about the “Do’s and don’ts pre weaning management” and shared his practical experience on how an innovative product like Pigger Cream, a palatable liquid ready-to-go UHT milk with high dry matter that Trinity Nutrition distributes in U.K. and Ireland, can help on big litters managements, on reduction of cross fostering and on how to achieve better performances.

The Technical Director of NUEVO, Giannis karvelis, with vast experience from European pig industry, shared his experience as nutritionist on the reduction of the nutrition cost and the environmental impact by reducing the crude protein from the final feed. He demonstrated the benefits on the pig performances and on the reduction of the feeding  cost when diets are formulated based on the net energy.

Sofia Rengman the Business Development Manager of Perstrop, one of the global leading companies on organic acids, highlighted the importance of using the organic acids (drinking water acids and acids in the feed) for the reduction of bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella  etc. She explained the mechanism of how the use of organic acids contributes in the reduction of the antibiotics in the pig industry.

John Grant, MRCVS in Parklands Veterinary Clinic, presented the first day of the event in Glenavon House Hotel, the antimicrobial resistance and the importance of the antibiotic reduction from the pig industry. He introduced practical ways on how pig production free of antibiotics can be achieved.

The second day of the event in Cavan Crystal Hotel, Mike Burge, MVB and Cert PM, discussed why the antimicrobial resistance is so important and he presented with facts how the beef and poultry industry made a conscious decision to reduce the antibiotics and how demanding is for the pig industry to follow.

Trinity Nutrition was delighted with the success of the events and would like to thank all the attendants for the interesting and productive discussion during the events. Special thanks to all the speakers who accepted the invitation and traveled to Ireland to attend the events and share with local farmers and people from feed industry their professional and personal experience in pig industry.

From left to right: Stephen Brady (Trinity Nutrition), Lars Brendstrup (Perstorp), Sofia Rengman (Perstorp), Giannis karvelis (NUEVO), Frank Tobin (Holmefield farm Services), Tarik Falkenburg (Liprovit), John Anastasiou (Trinity Nutrition), Nikos Gogorosis (NUEVO), John Wilson (Trinity Nutrition)

The event was well attended by pig farmers from all over the country, from left Danny Fay, AW Ennis; Luke Bouge, Bogue Pig Farms; James Bogue, Bogue Pig Farms, Sean McGlynn, Kiernan Milling & Brian Brady, Pottle Pig Farm



Irish Pig Health Society 2019

Trinity Nutrition Ltd. was present at the IPHS Symposium, the country’s largest pig event, which took place on Tuesday, the 9th April 2019 at the Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. We would like to thank IPHS for organizing one more excellent event. We had the opportunity to speak with lots of people in the industry and share knowledge and info in the pig industry.  

British Pig & Poultry Fair 2018

Trinity Nutrition participated in the Bristish Pig & Poultry Fair 2018 at Stoneleigh on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th of May 2018. Our team members John Anastasiou, Business Director and Stephen Brady, Sales Manager were very happy to welcome everyone in our Stand 64A. We would like to thanks everyone for the very interesting discussions we had. Special thanks to our partners Perstorp Group.