Trinity Nutrition provides effective grain protection products that give you peace-of-mind for the health of your grain crop.

The storage of harvested grain poses challenges, as fungal growth and insect infestations threaten its quality. Preserving grain at its prime condition is vital to retain its nutritional value and minimise loss. To combat fungal proliferation, preservatives are applied to grain with a moisture content ranging from 15% to 25%. Propionic acid is a popular, cost-effective solution that stops mould and bacterial activity in its tracks, a proven method in farm practices spanning over 30 years. Propionic acid is suitable for a variety of grains including barley, wheat, oats, maise, peas, and beans.

We also provide blended products that are safe to handle and designed to reduce corrosion on machinery. Browse our full range of grain protection products below or contact our team to discuss a tailored solution.